The fascination with stories has been ingrained in mankind across cultures, throughout time.

From the cave paintings of Neanderthal Man to the hieroglyphics of the Egyptians to the Greek epics that were handed down the centuries, stories have recorded history, passed on wisdom, and set rules for moral behavior.

Storytelling is an ancient element in all of us.

Stories are one of the best ways to convey a message.

Prezi is a great medium for stories and visual metaphors. When you create a Prezi, you are sharing your story — and with great impact! Some refer to it as “Story selling”, an attempt by marketers to combine the art of story-telling with the process of selling.

Prezi Ipad
Prezi Next is designed for conversational presenting, to help users easily navigate in a presentation to any point.


Add to that, that video and multi-media messaging engages thousands more on social media above still images.

This is why we have introduced Prezi to our strategic tools for you to use in building your business:

whether it is to close a financial raise, engage your sales staff, or explain or sell your product or service.




A powerful, engaging Prezi presentation – such as the ones we create at Namami, make users come begging for more.

Prezi Next comes with 100 customizable templates

We turn your message into an engaging Prezi presentation that will make you remembered.

Package One Prezi Example

Package Two Prezi Example

Package Three Prezi Example

Basic Package

Let’s get started with Prezi. With the Basic Package, we are going to create you a well-structured Prezi presentation, that can help you to try out the power of zooming.

What you will get:

  • Structure build up for your message
  • Offline/online version of your presentation
  • Inclusion your brand colors and logos
  • Up to 20 slides

Advanced Package

Take your prezentations to the next level. With this package, we dig into the creative part of using this tool and create you a unique visual concept.

What you are going to get over and above the Basic Package:

  • Unique visual metaphor created for your message
  • Special icon set to support visually story
  • Up to 40 slides

Professional Package

If you are a born storyteller or just simply need to convince an important client, pick this.

What you are going to get:

  • Full-service Prezi with uniquely designed elements created for your brand
  • 1 hour free of charge webinar to prepare you to your speech

Additional services for Prezi

$50 each


  • Get a video version of your presentation
  • Adding your voiceover to your Prezi (we will tell you how to get this done and help you with the process!)
  • Adding your music to your Prezi (we will tell you how to get this done and help you with the process!)


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    We will continue to use the services of this great company and it would be my pleasure to recommend Zephora and her team without any question.

    I could go on and on but this says it all.

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    Stephen G., CEO Third Level
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    Scott M., Owner, Miller Physical Therapy
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    I appreciate all of the time and energy they put forth to create the finished product. Thank you for all you’ve done to assist my small business!

    Marcy. B, Boca Raton, FL



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