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Be seen! At Namami, our marketing opens all appropriate digital windows for your website to attract, inform, and engage customers. We do not just encourage people to window shop — we know how to sell the value of what you offer. We listen, research, and stay updated. We know who, how, and when to market and then effectively tap into the relevant media outlets.

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Paid Search & Adwords Management

Ensuring that you are getting the most value out of your paid search and AdWords marketing is a full-time job in and of itself. The majority of companies who are successful in this area outsource their AdWords management and Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing to Google ads specialists for this reason. Creating an AdWords account from scratch is labor-intensive enough to send even the most capable business owner into a panic, and then managing that account is another beast entirely.

Our AdWords management services and PPC management services go beyond just using AdWords alone. We assist with proper campaign structure, bidding strategy, and ad copy optimization — tasks that can quickly become overwhelming without the right guidance. Namami can take care of all of your Google ads management and PPC advertising and leverage it for optimal results for your business.

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As a business owner, you have enough to worry about and oversee without having to juggle PPC and AdWords campaign management. A successful paid campaign requires the dedication and ability to analyze data into a flexible ongoing strategy. There is a wide range of PPC and AdWord options that make the process complex and involved.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive, enlisting the assistance of Pay Per Click management and Google ad specialists can save your business money in the long run while also increasing your ROI.  A PPC marketing company like Namami will mitigate overspending, will not make mistakes, and will help maximize the returns on your ad spend. Our AdWords and PPC management services will save you valuable time by taking care of keyword research, writing ads, defining advertising settings, and then monitoring and updating the campaign as needed. We track performance, identify profitable locations, and define ad extensions that will work to your benefit.

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If you want to be seen in the digital world quickly and effectively, Namami can pave the way for you. When you let a Google ads management company take care of your Pay Per Click marketing project, you do not just gain access to qualified professionals.  You get a comprehensive strategy that uses the latest technologies and experts who will monitor and adjust your campaign to keep your business ranking at the top. Our AdWords management services will ensure your campaign stays as dynamic as the ever-changing PPC environment, so your investment will go further and be more productive. Namami has access to all of the relevant tools required for successful Pay Per Click marketing to optimize your business performance.

If that’s not enough, Namami is efficient in providing customized reports that will outline the performance level of your campaign and help focus your Pay Per Click marketing efforts for maximum effect. So, you no longer need to worry if your Google ads management or PPC advertising is doing what it should for your company. Namami will take care of all of that!


Working with the entire team at Namami Inc has been an outstanding experience for my company. In regards to working on social media, business operations, and networking, they have brought both new ideas and concrete results to the table – in a short amount of time and at a reasonable cost. They have also worked with timely updates and communication, which is highly important to me.

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We are proud of what we do for our clients. Feel free to browse our portfolio. We work hard, are committed and dedicated to providing high-quality web design in Boca Raton, and internationally, and we look forward to discussing what we can do for you.

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