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If you’re wondering if a custom web database is right for your company, we can tell you that the odds are it’s an excellent decision.

An SQL server database or similar web-based database is one of the best investments for your business. The list of benefits that a company receives from a custom web database is endless:

  • Make more money – custom databases can increase profits and lower expenses.
  • Grow your business – a custom web database propels your business ahead of the curve.
  • Solve challenging problems – custom web databases crunch the numbers for you with accuracy and efficiency.
  • More control – know what happened and when it happened, or not.
  • Automate daily tasks – a custom Microsoft Azure SQL database (or similar) will perform routine processes for you.
  • Spot opportunities – custom web databases allow you to harness information and see trends as they happen.
  • Improve customer relationships – your Microsoft Azure SQL server (or similar database) can accommodate an off-the-shelf CRM or a custom CRM unique to your organization.
  • Keep statistics – you can collect, track, and monitor KPI, employee records and reviews, product catalogs, purchase orders, member directories, event calendars, project management, and so much more. And the trend you’ll be able to track is the consistent increase in your ROI.
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These are just a few of the streamlined processes, benefits, and industry advantages that you can enjoy with a SQL server database and MS SQL service. A custom web database is a no-brainer for companies looking for better organization, growth, and success.

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The experts at Namami specialize in:

  1. MySQL: This continues to be the industry standard due to its ease of use. The web interface is not complicated for novices and contains all the power required for big projects. Many third-party tools can be easily added to the database, making it versatile with more functions and commands.
  2. Couchbase: Being a NoSQL database, Couchbase allows you to move away from the SQL world. Its functionality permits data streaming for real-time analytics. Moreover, this interface is responsive to mobile phones, tablets, and connected devices with authorization and secure authentication. So if you are hunting for something that can keep you organized and connected, Namami is happy to provide more details.
  3. MSSQL: This database, like MySQL, is versatile and scalable but with the additional attributes of security and compatibility with other Microsoft products. This independent platform can work on almost every operating system (Linux, Windows, etc.). Top security information and data stays safe in this brilliant database, and it also allows for complex data management and forecasting needs using analytical models.
  4. MongoDB: This is also a NoSQL database. A JavaScript-based Query DSL makes it a powerful development tool for companies like eBay and Foursquare. Time is the name of the game for this database. A business seeking MongoDB database development knows they can access data quickly and in large amounts to distribute and disseminate.
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Not all website database development, and by association all database developers, are equal. Building a database takes thought, talent, and experience. There are scenarios that you may not consider at the outset which need inclusion, processes you may not be aware of that will substantially improve your operation, and functions and capabilities that can positively impact your bottom line. A reliable, trustworthy, expert and experienced web database developer or SQL server consultancy company should bring all of this to your attention. Namami ensures not only the ideal custom website database for your needs, but we make sure to equip your database to grow along with your business. We take all of your needs for the present and the future into consideration while setting you up for success.


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