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WordPress Website Support And
Maintenance Packages

Our monthly maintenance service packages will keep your WordPress website running smoothly. Our services include routine maintenance as well as customized hours for additional bug fixes or development.

We can ensure your WordPress site is optimized, updated, and secure, add features, install plugins, and complete ongoing development, as required.

All WordPress, Theme, WooCommerce, & Plugin Updates

Like any other software program, your website needs to be updated on a regular basis to maintain its performance. We will make sure the site is backed up before updating and offers full support if there are any compatibility issues.

Automated Scheduled Site Backups

Regular website backups are being maintained, being able to restore your website from a backup is key to minimizing any downtime. We backup your website on a cloud on a weekly basis.

Spam Blocking

We make sure there is no spamming on the site including sign up requests, blog spam comments, etc. Block robot spamming through coding techniques.

Weekly Security Monitoring & Cleanup

Our security scans work in real time to alert us for any suspicious activity happening on the site. We implement measures to prevent any Backlisting, Malware, Malicious Javascript, Malicious iframes, Anomaly Detection etc.

Website Functionality Check

It’s important too that your website functionality works properly. We will check and make sure all the functionality flow of the website works smoothly. Fix any broken links or forms.

Analytics Reporting

Web analytics enable you to discover a wealth of knowledge about your potential customers. We will send you a monthly report of your site traffic, which includes total visits, most visited pages visitor demographics, mobile/desktop visitors, site performance and more.

Database Optimization

We will clean your database on a weekly basis to ensure ongoing peak performance and reduce the risk of database and data corruption.

Uptime Monitoring and Performance Scans

It doesn’t matter how well-maintained your site is if people can’t get to it. Regular performance scans of your website and uptime monitoring.

Monthly Site Customizations

With monthly website customizations, you will get up to 8 hours of web changes, tweaks and modifications every month.

Phone and Email Support

Our experts are available 24/7 to solve your dilemmas. Reach out to our team for quick and immediate response.



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