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Web Applications

With the internet being commonplace in almost every workplace today, web applications are an increasingly vital tool for business. Many companies utilize custom web app development for these main reasons:

  • to improve communication with their customers
  • store data securely
  • provide information quickly to management
  • collaborate with employees

If your company is not aware of the benefits of web applications for business, then Namami can show you how custom web app development services can help your business productivity grow. Once you have a good understanding of how it will support and improve your business operations, our team of experts will be happy to get to work!

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A web application is a computer program that allows you to access a website to submit and retrieve data to and from a database over the internet. If you are still not convinced of the benefits of web-based application development, consider these advantages:

  • Improved efficiency and organization, which means you and your team no longer have to juggle multiple versions of spreadsheets or shuffle piles of paperwork. Web applications streamline your business processes, so you get more done in less time and with greater accuracy. Moreover, having all of your data integrated into one place gives you greater visibility of your business and a holistic overview of its performance.
  • 24/7 accessibility because your business system is now a web-based application, so all you require is an internet connection. Additionally, custom web application development is cross-platform compatible, providing the flexibility of easy access from almost any device or browser.
web application development company
  • Higher levels of security, so a business mitigates losing data if a computer is stolen or damaged. A web-based application means your data remains in safe cloud storage. Updates and upgrades are also much easier to implement when a business opts for custom web application development. Every version of the web application can receive updates with zero downtime, and users can enjoy automatic access to the newer version on whatever device they’re using.
  • Customizable and scalable, which means you do not deal with (or pay for) the limitations of an out-of-the-box or off-the-shelf software solution. A custom web application is developed specifically for your business needs, so it is adaptable to your company’s demands and growth. You can incorporate your branding, different user permissions, and other features and functions that are relevant to your operation. Installation is seamless and swift; maintenance happens behind the scenes, and your computer program works ideally for you instead of you making concessions and workarounds.



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web app development company

There are numerous web application development frameworks that can be used based on the needs of your business. The following are the most preferred:

  1. Ruby on Rails:  Ruby on Rails is the general-purpose website framework that many applications are built upon. One of the best benefits of this particular framework is the availability of fantastic tools to formulate feature centric apps easily. Ruby on Rails also supports test automation to deliver flawless software.
  2. CakePHP: Being the first-ever PHP MVC framework, CakePHP remains a popular choice for web app development. It offers plenty of options that include developer libraries for HTML, pagination, Javascript, AJAX, RSS, XML, and so forth. Namami can create endless possibilities for your business to connect with customers or present your products to them.
  3. Laravel: This web app framework for PHP designed for MVC applications is also highly popular for its flexible customization. It is possible for Namami to create what you have in mind using Laravel web application development. Moreover, it saves time, whether it is eCommerce inventories, enabling of ‘chat’ or other tools, or simply online surveys, Laravel can become the superpower for your workplace.
  4. CodeIgniter: It is a robust PHP framework offering a simple and elegant toolkit for creating versatile web applications. Anything your business needs can be created using this framework because it has everything a developer needs, including models and ORM (object-relational mapping). Security is also an additional feature that makes CodeIgniter an ideal choice for eCommerce and Shopping carts.

The increase in mobile internet usage continues to be revolutionary. 

Adopting digital transformation is key to many businesses’ survival, and this includes custom web app development for many companies. From large corporations to SMEs, businesses globally are recognizing the need for more mobile responsive and web-based systems. The majority of pressure for this comes from the consumer, so you can expect an increase in traffic and growth if you opt for web application development for your company. Flexible access for your employees, secure logins for your clients, perpetually up-to-date processes, security, and information, easy set-up, more storage — the benefits of enlisting a web application development company to get your business up and running through the internet are plentiful. And Namami is one of the best companies to ensure high standards of excellence throughout the entire process.

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