Payment Options - Namami inc

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Namami payment methods

Pay by Debit or Credit Card

All Credit Cards are accepted here. We use Stripe Payment Gateway for accepting credit card payments. Stripe is safe, secure, and the best method to accept payments online.

Payment via check method


You can send us a check in favor of ‘Namami Inc.’ at the following address.

Contact Info of Account

Namami Inc.
21218 St. Andrews Blvd., Unit 213
Boca Raton, Florida 33433

Pay by Wire, Bank Deposit, or Ongoing Bank Check

You can go to any local Bank of America branch near you and deposit money into Namami Inc’s company account, wire money online, or set up an ongoing bank check.
(Request Account Number).

To find a branch in the U.S., visit their page to find a branch near you.

Paypal payment methods


1. Clicking “Pay Now” below will take you to secure PayPal website payment page.

2. Enter the desired payment amount and login into your PayPal account.

3. Follow the instructions to complete your transaction.