Human Resources and Your Business: Knowing When to Take the Plunge

February 19, 2021 / Category: Business

Human Resource services Florida

You know your industry; you know your product or service. The passion, dedication, and commitment to excelling in your field helps to propel your entity forward. However, you do not know what you do not know, until you are facing it head-on or it bites you in the behind. We're here to let you know that if you have employees or a handful of 1099's — speaking with an HR firm today should be at the top of your to-do list.

When you have legal troubles, you get a lawyer. When you file your taxes, you get an accountant. When you need to navigate the ins and outs of Federal and State employment and labor regulations, you need a rock-solid HR solution. HR is so important: You are free to continue to run your business and grow your client base while your HR solution team navigates the regulations, and tricky situations, keeping your entity aligned and on track. Additionally, HR helps to keep your employees aligned to your goals and builds the bridge that connects the workforce to management and the company’s goals and values. When your employees feel supported and cared for, this will be directly reflected on your bottom line. What else? HR keeps both employees’ expectations and requirements clear (using means such as an employee manual) and protects you if they leave (think: non-competes and NDA's).

A solid HR solution team is a primary support of the strength of your business that you CAN outsource to a knowledgeable firm. Rule-of-thumb guidelines suggest that hiring a full-time HR person is not typically needed until you have about 40 employees.  An HR firm will begin with auditing your current HR practices and ensure you are safe from potential government fines and move to provide you with HR consulting which will give your business a full-fledged HR department that will support you remotely, tailor their services to meet your needs, and strive to provide wisdom, honesty, and integrity while guiding and supporting your business's growth.

Knowing all of this to be true, Namami was thrilled to connect with Nicole Anderson, the Owner and CEO of the HR company, MEND. We do not often share businesses with our people, but they share a lot of core values with Namami, and so we well know they are worth the accolades. MEND provides your entity personalized HR services to help support your business and your workforce, recognizing that people are at the core of every business and building the connections within your workplace and empowering your employees to be leaders working towards a common goal is what MEND is passionate about. Revolutionizing the way HR is done, MEND is reshaping the modern business world and shattering the stereotype that exists around conventional HR departments. Oh yea, - - not to mention that their prices are crazy-reasonable. Don't believe us? Reach out yourself and let Nicole know we sent you. Do let us know what you think. 866.561.6363 /

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