You Need SEO for Your Business. Here’s Why.

April 1, 2023 / Category: Search Engine Optimization

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You may be wondering what all the successful websites (you know -- the sites with a robust digital presence that are instantly recognized and always show up on the first page of search results) have in common. Besides seeming annoyingly perfect and successful, they're likely also using SEO. 

Search Engine Optimization is not just a buzzword, and overlooking its numerous benefits may be the difference between a website and digital presence that gets lost in the shuffle and one that attracts all the attention (and success). Read on -- and discover why SEO can be a game-changer.

How do companies grab the attention of potential customers dancing in the mosh pit of the digital world without breaking the bank? Leading-edge companies use SEO strategies as a cost-efficient and highly effective method of maximizing customer traffic and reach -- pulling consumers out of the digital pit and exclusively securing their business. 

This year, the demand for SEO reached new heights and is still climbing. With consumers increasingly moving to the web, even the oldest and most stoic companies are scrambling to transition. Businesses understandably have questions -- and the list is endless. But no matter the company size or business sector, the following points solidify why SEO is necessary to achieve higher levels of success in the digital world.

Increased Visibility

Organic Search Propels the Most Traffic to Websites

Search engines play a vital role in web performance, paving the road for website journeys, actions, and engagement. SEO helps to ensure the road attracts the most customer traffic. Consequently, according to LinkedIn data, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists are in high demand.

It is no secret that compared to rivals such as Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, and others, Google holds a significant share of the search market. Not all search engines are the same. Google is a clear-cut leader, so adhering to its directives is essential. But other engines still possess considerable worth, particularly for those brands in specific industries where voice, visual, and vertical search are integral. 

Most of the global population with internet access visits Google daily for information. Having Google and other search engines present a business as a reputable source is a significant advantage. Attaining that recognition requires flawless SEO and a website of top-notch quality.

Increased Customer Engagement

SEO Provides Insight into What Customers Want

Learning the exact desires of customers is possible with SEO, and there is power in knowing what customers want and need! 

User intent and behavior become evident in several ways through SEO data and formats, both in spoken and written form; these are a few:

  • A study of keyword data accuracy is here.
  • For a comprehensive guide to Google Analytics, refer to this page.
  • A look at how SEO and machine learning are melding together can be seen here, along with AI insights and analytics data.

The use of technology is now a significant part of everyday life. It integrates into almost every aspect of our activities, from communication to work, education, entertainment, and more. Businesses at the top of their game leverage the available data and tools to understand and attract customers better than their competitors -- and increase engagement, loyalty, and sales. 

Increased Credibility

SEO-Friendly Content Establishes Robust Trust 

Effective SEO lays the groundwork for an attractive and compelling website with a simple and efficient user experience -- and one that is found quickly in search engine results because of the reliability of the brand and its online assets.

Gaining trust from search engines such as Google involves multiple components:

Acquiring brand authority is more beneficial than any other sort of digital optimization. But trust and believability do not magically happen. Credibility is constructed and earned gradually over time. Adhering to Google's E-A-T standards to achieve positive outcomes will prove indispensable.

Constructing brand trust requires dedication, work, and determination and is contingent on providing a high-quality product or service that corroborates the brand's reliability to customers.

Improved User Experience

Strategic SEO Optimizes Site Visits

An outstanding user experience helps with higher organic rankings and more visibility -- but most companies have yet to make that connection. Google can discern the difference between good and bad user experiences; that data is invaluable to the success of a website. Google has been emphasizing customer experience for a while, and marketers in all sectors will need to abide by their Page Experience Update to stay in the game.

People are selective consumers -- and if they do not see what they want, it will reflect poorly on website performance.

Google sets an exemplary example of delivering an outstanding user experience. Search engine results pages (SERPs) give users direct access to valuable information with minimal clicks, quickly and conveniently -- precisely what the customer wants. SEO helps build a user-friendly site, and that bodes well for success. 

Increased website traffic

Local SEO Augments Engagement, Visitors, and New Business

As mobile traffic surges, local search is quickly becoming essential for the prosperity of small- and medium-sized businesses. Local SEO showcases digital resources in specific areas so people can locate a business efficiently and conveniently -- and motivate them to buy. A brand message becomes effective locally by targeting relevant neighborhoods, cities, towns, regions, and -- broadly -- states.

Search engine optimization specialists finesse the brand's website by using local citations, backlinks, and local listings applicable in geography and industry for increased visibility. SEO specialists can optimize a company's Knowledge Graph panel, Google My Business listing, and social media accounts to encourage local engagement. 

It is critical to pay attention to user feedback on Google and other online platforms such as Yelp, Home Advisor, and Angi (among others), depending on what sector a business is in. With website traffic, rush hour is a good thing. 

Increased Conversion Rates

SEO Influences the Purchase Cycle

Real-time research is becoming the rule as SEO progresses. Strategic use of SEO to promote fantastic offers, innovative products, unparalleled services, and the reliability of a company's brand is a revolutionary method of converting site visitors to customers who purchase. 

Meaningful connections occur when companies are visible precisely where people are looking. Local SEO makes this possible by having potential clients locate the solutions they need and the businesses that can provide them -- and the purchasing process will seamlessly follow.

Increased Competitive Edge

SEO Constantly Evolves to Stay Ahead and On Top, And Businesses Can, Too.  

Implementing SEO strategies across a company's digital assets is one thing; maintaining the leading edge by proactively pivoting as new changes roll out is vital. Otherwise, SEO will only work to a point -- and advancements will quickly stagnate, leaving company brands collecting digital dust in the wake of competitors. 

Google levels the playing field with endless algorithm changes that keep pace with the developments of the search world. Ignoring these updates to Google's algorithms can lead to difficulty catching up. Keeping track of those progressions will help a company's brand remain in front of the competition and, ideally, maintain a position on Page 1. A competitive edge builds when businesses stay ahead and on top. 

Improved Website Acuity

Knowing SEO Helps Understand the Web -- and Optimize Digital Presence

Change is rarely easy -- but it can bring success if embraced. Keeping abreast of everything that occurs in the digital world can feel impossible. Understanding how SEO works helps to narrow the challenge into digestible bites and stay aware of significant changes occurring with search. 

They say knowledge is power, and having a handle on SEO allows insight into the bigger picture (including what competitors are doing) -- and businesses can finesse their website architecture and digital presence to their brand's benefit and success. 

Increased ROI

SEO is Economical, With Big Bang for the Buck

People spend a lot building beautiful websites that go nowhere -- when an incremental investment in SEO would make all the difference in creating momentum. The benefits of implementing and maintaining excellent SEO are worth the cost (which is minimal within the bigger picture). 

Given the number of funds that go to waste with strategies that fizzle, investing in SEO or hiring a SEO agency can produce tangible results and a robust return -- consistently and with growth. 

Increased Brand Recognition

SEO is Equivalent to Excellent Public Relations

SEO sets brands up for success in the long game. A high ranking and a favorable position will enhance and solidify long-term brand recognition. SEO does that. 

Successful SEO and PR tactics make a brand visible, accessible, attractive, and enticing when people conduct relevant searches.  

Creating a pleasurable user experience on a website sets the stage for successful communication, promotion of products and services, and sturdy sales. 

Rather than being confined to a single area, SEO works with content and PR to increase brand visibility, recognition, and other beneficial outcomes.

Increased Brand Longevity 

SEO is a Plan for Future Success and Prosperity

Implementing SEO practices can produce positive outcomes within the first twelve months, but the potential momentum can continue for years. 

Businesses can leverage that momentum by closely monitoring trends and changes as the market evolves and adapting accordingly to maximize results. Yet even sites that are not aggressive with SEO strategies and tactics can improve with a few best practices in place.   

Nobody wants to be a one-hit wonder, especially when it comes to keeping a leading edge on competitors and up-and-comers; dedicating resources and effort to SEO strategies will help websites withstand the test of time -- close to, or even on top. 

Improved Metrics  

Using SEO is Not Like Playing Darts Blindfolded

The business world loves metrics, and although SEO has yet to offer the ease of paid search calculations, proper tracking and analytics can provide invaluable data and insight. Although there are a few pain points with making connections in the backend because of gray areas in comprehending how all actions relate to one another, fundamental and beneficial action/reaction structures exist. 

SEO specialists can make the necessary improvements to see the shades of black and white within the gray -- and optimize accordingly. They can also help companies understand their past, present, and future digital performance -- and when the future looks bright, it can mean SEO is working. 

Increased Innovation

SEO Presents New Possibilities

Evolution brings things new and wondrous, and SEO uses that to benefit brands. From optimizing a website to providing high visibility to routing website traffic, the potential of SEO is undeniable. It is an invaluable tool for any business to stay ahead of competitors. By utilizing SEO, companies can gain a cutting-edge advantage, stay ahead of the curve, and stand out.

For a brand to benefit from high-level SEO, the SEO specialist must deeply understand the brand -- the way a stakeholder does. A profound comprehension of a brand allows for endless opportunities to make it succeed. Similarly, a deep understanding of SEO creates countless possibilities for leveraging it to a brand's benefit. What better connection to have when implementing SEO? 

Increased Ranking in Search Engine Results

Page One is Where It's At 

The SEO landscape is evolving into a winner-takes-all dynamic thanks to the emergence of zero-click SERP, which provides the answer directly at the top of a Google search result.

Today, the user achieves search goals without clicking search result links -- and websites that do not appear on the first page of organic search results become irrelevant, drifting into the digital void of subsequent pages.

A recent study indicates most click-throughs come from the top three organic search rankings, while up to 30% of all results on the first two pages of Google receive no clicks. At all. 

What does this signify?

  • Ranking highly in search results is essential.
  • It is vital to appear on the first page of a search.
  • There remains a prevalence of people typing a query into a search engine and not immediately finding the result they were searching for.

SEO is a Worthwhile Investment

SEO is Here to Stay -- Making the Most of it Makes Sense

SEO has proven its worth and will continue improving. As more consumers search for and purchase products and services online, SEO will be there in the background -- ensuring the growing and ongoing success of the brands and businesses using it. 

Companies will continually search for the most efficient and economical way to promote their digital presence, and SEO will always be viable. As the role and strategies of SEO shift, new paths will crop up through dynamic gateways like voice, applications, wearables, and the IoT.

Comserve.Inc predicts that the worth of search engines utilizing deep neural networks and machine learning will experience a tremendous rise in the next five years, from $14.9 billion in 2019 to $55.7 billion in 2025.

The organic search possibilities remain endless. 

The role of SEO has expanded significantly in a short amount of time -- with no end in sight. SEO connects customers with businesses, builds brands, creates seamless digital experiences, and the list goes on (and continues to grow). It is never too late to get into the SEO world and leverage your digital presence. Namami is here with a team of experts to help you establish your website as a worthy contender in its market.