AI and Marketing: Do You Believe The Hype?

August 1, 2023 / Category: Artificial Intelligence

AI in marketing

It is no secret that artificial intelligence and the implementation of automation and intelligent machines are changing how companies operate in every industry and sector, including their marketing initiatives. There are mixed emotions within the marketing realm amongst freelancers, in-house marketing departments, and marketing agencies: concern and optimism, worry and hope -- equal, perhaps, to the known and unknown of how AI will impact business in the future.

It would seem that marketing companies, especially, are not immune to the alleged threat. AI-enabled digital marketing may perform tasks more efficiently than humans. Questions swirl over the future of work and whether AI will replace jobs in the marketing industry. But when one delves into the benefits and limitations of artificial intelligence, the truth is clear: marketing strategies are more impactful and successful when there are humans behind the efforts -- and optimal when those humans leverage AI.

At Namami Inc., we have already implemented several AI functions so we can be more efficient, strategic, and creative.  

Leveraging AI Technology

AI presents many key advantages that help digital marketers make the most of their campaign efforts. Customer expectations and demands change daily and vary broadly, and AI enables marketers to optimize strategies nimbly, ensuring that marketing efforts align with the current market dynamics. Marketers that embrace the digital innovations that AI offers can establish a competitive edge by:

  • Developing automated algorithms -- By scanning the internet and specific digital channels, machine learning can predict developing trends, patterns, and purchasing motivators that marketers can influence early.
  • Performing data-driven research -- AI can collate and organize massive amounts of information, allowing marketers to make more strategic and better-informed decisions, directly impacting ROI.
  • Increasing productivity -- Yes, AI can automate traditionally manual processes for more efficiency and accuracy; instead of replacing individuals, it frees their time to propel campaigns forward with higher-level focus.
  • Improving customer relationships: AI can not only cast a wider net to reach target audiences, but the technology can also hone in on preferences and needs to personalize the consumer experience, create greater loyalty, and win more business. 

Blending Is Best

Despite the advances of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the fact remains that humans are still integral for companies to propel their business forward. And skilled marketers who use all technology available will reap big rewards and ROIs, including implementing AI where it will best serve their needs. A combination of marketing industry experts using artificially intelligent platforms to enhance their output will provide optimal results and keep businesses on the leading edge -- and here is why:

  • Flexibility and Creativity -- artificial intelligence cannot tap into and generate emotional responses. People can create excitement, urgency, and happiness -- the expressions that connect people to products and services and make the difference between an informative and formal campaign and a dynamic, compelling one.
  • The Final Say -- Where machines can produce insights that would take people days to obtain and organize data so it is digestible and detailed, they ultimately cannot make the big decisions. People can apply their experience, skills, and critical thinking to consider various scenarios and see opportunities that AI may miss.
  • The Emotional Piece -- What will get the most favorable reaction -- a robotic, logical, calculating presentation or one that provokes emotion? People have the best experience and response when they feel corresponding emotions. Artificial intelligence may never get there. 

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