How Namami Creates Success for Your Business

May 19, 2016 / Category: Branding , Business , Social Media


It all starts with the big picture. We have a bird’s-eye, unbiased view. We also have the experience beyond your business of what works and what doesn't, acquired from years of working with a variety of entities.

It often looks like this: A potential client seeks marketing assistance with the exposure of their product or service so they give us a call.  We use our expertise, our creativity, and a heck of a lot of due diligence to present options based on the budget that client can afford to spend on marketing. Sometimes, after observation of the office itself, we suggest more efficient operational changes in conjunction with marketing efforts. Or we bring in Team-builders if we see the foundation of the problem is an eroding Team.

Sometimes we first help perfect the mundane, such as an email signature or outgoing voice message - or we may ask if we can assist on a brand refresh, or even a total brand redo. We suggest these things because we’re working toward the most tight and powerful course for your entity, and we believe that every detail effects the big picture for success. After all, what's the point of spending dollars for outreach when, if you bring the potential client/customer to the door, they don't make the buy because of all the messy-looking loose ends?

Keeping an open mind is important. It’s easy to want a quick, one-stop-shopping answer, but unfortunately there is no magic bullet. The closest thing is a simple strategy that must encompass all aspects of your marketing efforts. Consistency!

Consistency is the key. If that seems a little overwhelming, relax (we know what we’re doing!), listen to us and give us a try. We will create and do whatever you like, of course - you're the client, and we’re happy to do it, and do it the best we can! But if you're missing elements, or saying no to every other thing we suggest, our relationship will be limited, and you won't get the results you are looking for. We don't ask for larger budgets; we ask to focus on the foundations. New photography to promote new goods on a website that is not mobile optimized may not be the right order of things - you'll only annoy potential clients and burn those bridges. There are too many options available to turn a consumer off with a bad, or frustrating, experience.

The bottom line? We’re here to work with you and use our expertise to define and focus your marketing efforts in a way that maximizes your budget, whatever it may be.

Although the ultimate goals of your business may generally align with others, your circumstances are completely unique – which is why we offer such comprehensive services, tailored perfectly for each client!

Wondering what a plan to success would look like for you and your company? Email us for a quick consultation,

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