‘Hana Speaks’ Our Project Manager Extraordinaire for All our Namami Animation

December 10, 2015 / Category: Branding , Business

Animation services Florida

Ever since I was a child I have always loved telling stories through art. This is what drew me to animation in the first place. When I realized I could pursue this passion as an actual career, I did not hesitate, and went to school for 3D animation. Though I did my studies in 3D, my first job was animating explainer videos in After Effects. I enjoy solving problems creatively, and I found the challenge of telling a company's story in a short amount of time thrilling and I fell in love with it. In addition, I found that I was able to blend my education in 3D with my After Effects training and short form storytelling to create visually and intellectually compelling videos.

The concept of having an idea, a thought or an emotion and being able to tell that story in an engaging way is what has driven my love for motion graphics. Animation is the perfect medium to express a company's branding and identity. It allows us to take our audience on a journey and create a world around the company's story in an economic way that people immediately connect with and get excited about.

When someone comes to me with their vision of what they want, I get to be the one to turn it into reality, and that is incredibly satisfying. I really only get a brief window into the companies that I work with to create their video. A look into everything that they stand for. You really get to see their passion for what they do, and all I can do is my best to put that passion into the video. It’s a short project for me that takes a couple weeks, but for them it’s their whole life. The companies that I work with are incredible. I have a lot of respect for the people that are able to take an idea and turn it into a business. Their hard work inspires me to put my all into every video I make. It’s truly amazing to be able to see what so many people are doing around the world.

I believe that if you love what you do, it’s reflected in the work that you create. I wouldn’t want to do anything else, and I look forward to all the new stories I’ll get to tell.



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