Designing a Successful Marketing Strategy

March 3, 2016 / Category: Branding , Business , Social Media


At Namami we are called to provide solutions to CEO's and start-ups, direct marketing ventures and non-profits, franchises and entrepreneurs.

Regardless of the type or size of client we are consistently asked a single question: "What do we do to get the word out on our product/service?”

The short answer is, there’s rarely one simple “fix.” However, there are general strategies that are critical to success. Marketing your business is about doing a lot of things as thoroughly as your budget allows, over time.

It's about consistency and making sure every point hits hard and connects with all of the others, so your marketing efforts create a domino effect - and none of them leave any dead ends.

(We love doing this - it's our passion! Just one more reason why outsourcing with us is such a great idea. You don't need the infrastructure - we're it!)

A marketing strategy over time is original content on social media with a specific approach on platforms that make sense for your desired population; it's blogging as a resource for your people - and to drive traffic to your website; it's a press release that's connected everywhere when you've got new stuff to share - and follow-up calls with local media to make sure they are aware and draw a story; it's regular website updates for new content and interest; it’s a branded email blast with specials for some entities, and LinkedIn mail for others; it's photography (GOOD photography) with your watermarked logo to showcase a new space, a new team, new goods - with contests, and new slogans and fresh content. If budgets allow, it can include a PPC campaign, an SEO strategy, a video clip, an animated explainer-video, and telephone outreach for collaborative partners.

A comprehensive marketing strategy on track for success is all of these things, and can be even more, depending on a client’s needs. It's a strategy, battled on many fronts, over time. No magic bullet, no single 'gonna-make-you-an-overnight-success' trick.

This shouldn’t be intimidating. After all, you’re in business for the long haul!

A comprehensive effort played out long-term suits business success for this reason and naturally dovetails with long-term plans and strategies. We’re in it for the long haul, too. So whether or not we come in for a quick “brush up” of your marketing strategy or have an on-going arrangement, we’ll be right there with you down the road when you’re ready to capitalize on your success and take it to the next level.

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