Mastering the World of Web Design

July 30, 2018 / Category: Branding , Business

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Nearly two decades into the new millennium, you may find yourself thinking you are out of touch with the latest website trends (who can keep up?!) or you may find yourself on the other end of the spectrum believing there is nothing new anymore.

Either way, does web design, layouts and trends have you feeling at a loss? We take the stress and uncertainty out of trying to negotiate the newest developments when it comes to your website and focus on some of the latest trends for 2018. After all, with a business to run, your time should not be spent trying to determine if your website is on-point. With increasing technical challenges, the ultimate demand is ensuring that your website is engaging as well as user-friendly as possible- thereby promoting maximum engagement from your clientele.


Mobile-Friendly: The last couple of years have seen a shift in webpage access moving from computer browser to a mobile browser. Consumers are doing everything from their phones from research to purchasing. With so much being able to be accomplished from your device, businesses need to adapt to make sure their content, information, and product are accessible from each mobile device- and easy to use! This means 2018 is going to have to fully utilize mobile functionality in ways that have not yet been seen. For example, ditching those large photos in favor of icons- a much more suitable use of screen space and accessibility. Of course, the challenge follows that desktop displays are going to also have to evolve just to stay relevant.


Vibrant, Saturated Color Schemes: In the past designers and companies have stuck to web-safe colors. However, hard angles, bright colors and at times even contrasting colors are great design strategies to get newer companies/products noticed. Whereas “safer” approaches to color and design have historically been used in the past, technological advances in monitors and screens mean the vibrant, saturated colors now translate well to the viewer. This is a great trend for those businesses who want to set themselves apart from “websafe” and traditional.


Bold and Beautiful Typography: Typography has always been an effective tool. Able to create a feeling, allure and brand recognition, the need for effective typography to help support the look and feel of your entity is essential. Well-chosen typography sets the tone for your website, and with device resolutions getting sharper and easier to read, the trend of custom fonts is now a reality. Aside from Internet Explorer, most browsers support hand-made typefaces. All of the typography we use is Google searchable. The evolution of both fonts and technology allows for a variety of choice with no fear of the typography running in opposition to well-crafted SEO. This font-freedom exponentially grows the design possibility of your website, not only making it beautiful and engaging to look at- but enticing your clients to stay and continue reading.

The world of web design is constantly evolving- don’t spend your precious minutes stressing about whether your website is thriving in today’s market!

Let our team of experts and our years of experience work for you! All of our sites are primed for on-page and off-page competitive programs and we ensure that your webpage’s visibility is front and center through search engine optimization.

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